Saint Petersburg Astronomy Club - Mirror Lab

Our Scopes

All these scopes including their mirrors were created in our lab

Ralph Craig
Ralph Craig and his 16" f/5 Dob at the 2010 Orange Blossom Special (OBS) Star Party on 2-10-2010. This was first light for this telescope, which was completed about a day before the star party began.

Allen Maroney
Allen Maroney and his 18" f/4.89 dob during first light on 2-6-2010.

Paul McNabb
His 16 inch better than 1/4 wave f/4.76 mirror was finished on 4/20/2013, which also happens to be his birthday. Congratulations and happy birthday Paul!

Mike Davis
This shows the light weight 12.5 inch mirror batter. Mike cast the mirror and has been perfecting the honey comb pattern.

holds his newly finished 1/8th wave, 10" f/5 mirror on 11/14/2009. The Fixure XP display in the background is from his mirror's last test.

Ron Jones
with his infamous "Pringles" 20 inch thin mirror scope.

Keevy McAlavy
first light of the Black Knight at the 2003 OBS star party. Featuring a 1/4 wave 8 inch mirror ground at the lab.